The End of an Era

Early New Year’s Eve I retrieved from our front porch the final paper copy of the Daily Oklahoman that I may ever receive. The last few years have been so nice. The man who delivered our paper was as faithful as crabgrass and usually had the paper on our porch before 5:00 a.m. Usually it was later in the morning before we actually read the paper. Nancy and I usually divided and conquered. I took the sports and business sections to start while she opted for the front page and comics. Eventually we traded. We have been doing so for thirty-six years. We moved a couple of times during those years, but our subscription moved with us.

Now, our only option in Weatherford for receiving the Daily Oklahoman is online. In order to prepare for this transition, our children gave us an I-pad for Christmas. I have to admit that change is not coming easy for either Nancy or me. We have stumbled through the tabs and ended up with maximum frustration and minimal news. I may join those who only read the headlines. Or I may be able to retrain myself and adapt to the changing world in which I live.

I remember decades ago when us country folk had to buy the Sunday paper at a convenience store in town after church. The price had gone up and Daddy was complaining out loud. A younger man with a positive attitude said, “I hope I get to live long enough to pay five dollars for a copy.” I have never forgotten that incident. The lesson I learned was that staying alive requires making adjustments. I can gripe about change or I can embrace change.

The jury is still out on whether Nancy and I will continue to receive our news online. The jury is not still out on how you will receive the article I write each week and some weekly reminders from the church. You can receive them by e-mail, or you can access them on our web site or on the church app. My article and the reminders will be called FBC weekly. E-mails will be sent only to those who request it and furnish their e-mail address. 

I have been writing a weekly article for as long as we have been receiving a paper copy of the Daily Oklahoman. I did not want to quit writing, so we have chosen this format. Actually, this format chose us. Life keeps changing, yet God remains faithful and wonderful.

I love you,


This Week at FBC

  • This Sunday is back to Regular Schedule for Worship and LifeGroups – 9:00am & 10:30am
  • The Gathering starts back up on January 9 at 6:30pm
  • Sunday, January 6 – Night of Prayer and Praise @ FBC Clinton – 5pm

3 thoughts on “The End of an Era”

  1. I’ll leave a reply just to see if you’re keeping up with your technology this week!?!?!
    Yes, life keeps changed, but I wholeheartedly agee —GOD IS FAITHFUL!
    We are grateful!


  2. Thank you, Earl, for writing each week. We always enjoy and benefit from your words of wisdom! We appreciate being able to continue reading your weekly columns even if it’s online….life keeps changing whether we like it or not! Thank you for being our wonderful pastor and friend!


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