Keep Your Promises

We travelled to Hobart on Christmas day to eat lunch with my mother. Jason had spent the night, and made the trip with Nancy and me. We had celebrated with our nuclear family on Christmas Eve, and took our time getting around before heading for Kiowa County. The weather was nice and the trip went well. Actually, there was a near disaster about the time we passed by Bessie. 

It was then that Nancy remembered our assignment to bring four pieces of dessert for the Christmas dinner. Momma had made the request of me after I had insisted on being able to bring something in order to help out with the meal. We had a few choices available on the kitchen counter. However, I forgot to pick anything up. So did Nancy. We were too far down the road to turn back. I told Nancy it was no big deal. 

Nancy would not hear it. She had made a commitment to bring dessert and she was intent on doing so. She called her sister, who lives in Hobart, and asked if she might have something left over that could be shared. She was out of town, and had taken her desserts with her. I again mentioned that Momma would probably have some cookies or ice cream in the freezer. 

“Maybe there is a place in Cordell.”

Nancy was planning to show up with four servings of dessert or not show up at all. Options are limited on Christmas morning. However, we did find one place open for business. We didn’t need gas, but we did need dessert. I couldn’t help but smile as Nancy made her selections from the options available on the snack cake display. She never even gets close to those calorie-filled concoctions. However, this was different. She was keeping her word.

We had the best meal of the Christmas weekend. Momma pulled out all the stops when she prepared for our time together. The snack cakes remained near the kitchen entrance as we shared chocolate chip cookies and peppermint ice cream for dessert. When we left, we took the snack cakes with us. Kendall and I consumed a couple of them at lunch during the next quail hunt. We couldn’t believe our good fortune.

Is it important to keep your word? More important than counting your calories or saving your money. Our word should be our bond. 

Keep your promises!


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