The Fence Worked Like A Charm

Our back yard has always served as the home for our dogs. We don’t let them inside the house, but we don’t confine them to a small area. They have freedom to roam, and they enjoy doing so. There were times when we wished we could keep them on one side of the yard while we enjoyed the other. I came up with the plan. Nancy selected the location. A welder executed the plan, and a crew installed it in its location. A fence made of square steel tubing now divides our yard. Sometimes it is nice to sit by the outdoor fireplace, unbothered by Brittany Spaniels. 

When we hosted Christmas for Nancy’s side of the family, we shut the dogs on the South side of the yard so the boys could play in the north side of the yard without being bothered. After I shut the gate, Freckles and Duke sat beside the fence, and tried to look as mistreated as possible. It did not work. The boys ran and played and laughed in the warm sunshine after we finished our lunch. We adults stayed inside and visited until the time came for everyone to head home. One of the first things I did after saying goodbye to our guests was open the gate in the fence that separates our yard. I wanted the dogs to be free to roam. 

Roam, they did! Unbeknownst to me, the boys had left the gate in the north yard, facing the street, open. Apparently, they had retrieved an errant pass and forgot to shut the gate. By the time I spotted the opened gate, my dogs were out of sight. I ran to the street and yelled their names. I detected no sign of them. All I needed at the beginning of quail season was for my dogs to go AWOL. 

When I walked into the north yard to figure out what to do, I was met by Freckles and Duke. Nancy was close behind. She explained: 

“They showed up at the front door and I led them through the house into the back yard.”

She continued:

“How did they get out?”

I blamed her nephews before commenting on how the dogs sure weren’t interested in wandering far from home. Why leave when their master and mistress are so good to them?

I feel the same way about God. I stay near Him because I want to. I never want to walk away from His care. Why roam when it is so good to be home?

We have a good, good Father!


This Week at FBC

  • Re: Weekend Registration continues for youth
  • This Sunday Sermon – Tools In the Box – “How to Witness” – Acts 8:26 – 40
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  • LifeGroup Attendance – 708

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