Remaining Faithful

Many years ago, shortly after Jason set me up with a Facebook account, I posted some pictures of pheasants we had successfully harvested on a hunt in Kansas. The comments that followed were brutal.

“What did those poor birds ever do to you?”

On and on people went, expressing their disgust with what I had done. I quit posting pictures of anything on Facebook for many years. A couple of years ago I posted a few pictures of some successful quail hunts. Those who commented were more kind than others had been in years gone by. Still, for the most part, I only look at Facebook. I do so rarely. If you want to contact me, you better give me a call. 

At times, Facebook almost depresses me. Countless people post pictures and statements about how wonderful they and their families are. They have the pictures of where they are travelling or what they have won, to emphasize the success they are enjoying in life. Don’t get me wrong – I also have a wonderful life. I rejoice in the miracle of each new day every time I get out of bed. 

Over the years, however, I have accumulated some pains and regrets that are now part of who I am. God forgives and forgets, yet scars remain. Those negatives color my life in a manner that no one ever posts on Facebook. When I check out the celebrations others are having, I am reminded that I tend to fall short of success in so many ways. 

God understands, and He smiles on me. That is really all that matters. We are servants of the Lord with assigned tasks to perform. One day we will be rewarded, not according to our posts or our successes, but according to our labor. I can live with that. As I remain a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus, His approval will be mine, whether I post anything about it or not.

“He who plants and he who waters are one, and each will receive his wages according to his labor.”

I Corinthians 3:8, 


This Week at FBC

  • RE Weekend Registration Deadline is January 27th
  • Sunday Sermon – “Tools In the Box – How to Pray” Matthew 15:21 – 28
  • LifeGroup Attendance – 655

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