How Did THAT Get There?

On our way out the door, I grabbed a piece of candy to eat while we ran a few errands. Christmas, for us, includes the reception of many wonderful treats to enjoy in moderation. I still manage to put on a couple of pounds each year. My moderation tends toward the upper end of the scale – literally. I unwrapped the homemade treat and tossed it into my mouth. We had been receiving these same delicacies from some friends each year for well over a decade. I knew what I was getting.

That is why I was surprised by the hard piece of something I encountered as I chewed. Was it a pecan hull? How was that missed during the preparation? Was it a bit of candy that cooked way past the soft ball stage? I could not tell. When I maneuvered it out of my mouth, I looked and then passed the object to Nancy for further examination. 

“It looks like a tooth,” she stated.

“How could a tooth get into the candy?” I asked. 

Just before I exited the driveway, I realized that the tooth in the candy was mine. The sticky candy had pulled a cap from where it had resided in my mouth for well over a decade. Actually, I had forgotten I had a cap on the tooth. I was thankful that I did not swallow it. I spent a few days chewing with the left side of my mouth before experts glued it back on in the shortest dental appointment I have ever had during my life.

When the foreign object showed up in the candy, the last person I suspected was myself. I came up with multiple things to blame, before I reluctantly blamed myself. When I finally accepted my responsibility, I was able to receive the help I needed. Eventually, I ate another piece of that candy with joyful satisfaction.

The longer we blame others and refuse to accept responsibility, the longer we miss out on healing and help and wholeness. Denying personal fault delays receiving personal help. God draws near to those who humble themselves before Him. God remains distant from those who refuse to confess their sins and accept their responsibilities. 

I love you, 


This Week at FBC

  • This Sunday’s Sermon – “The Healing of the Nobleman’s Son” – John 4: 46-54
  • Feb. 10 LifeGroup Attendance – 667
  • Deacon’s Meeting. Sunday, Feb. 17 @ 5:00pm in Fellowship Hall
  • Summer Mission Trip to Dominican Republic. June 15 – 22. Contact Tracy for information.

1 thought on “How Did THAT Get There?”

  1. It’s a good thing you do everything so quickly, or you might have swollowed it. One of our grandsons swallowed and penny and the Dr. just said to be sure to make him go outside instead of the bathroom, gotta get that penny.
    And a very good thing you had your sweet wife to make the thought of what it was! God Loves you and I Love the Two of you, Happy Valentines day. Mary E.


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