Biblical Millennials

Jesus died on the cross when he was 33. David became king of Israel when he was 30. Mary most likely gave birth to Jesus when she was still in her teens. Daniel was a youth when he refused the king of Babylon’s food and requested vegetables. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were young men when they were tossed into the fiery furnace for refusing to bow down and worship a golden image set up by king Nebuchadnezzar. Joseph was only 30 when he became second in command in all of Egypt. 

Biblical millennials accomplished much in the plan of God. They continue to accomplish much in the plan of God. Age should never be used as an excuse for not obeying God. Those who refuse to obey God when they are young often refuse to obey God when they are older. Those who serve God with their whole heart while young usually continue to do so through all of life. Millennials today remain vitally significant in the plan of God.

Baby boomers like me should never condemn or criticize younger people for being young. They have the same potential that I had when I was shampooing a full head of hair. Our destiny is not determined by when we were born but by how we live. Bad and good choices have been made by young and old people throughout history. The content of a person’s character has always been more significant than the date of a person’s birth. 

I consider myself greatly blessed to rub shoulders with young staff members who excel in many ways as they serve Jesus. I rejoice when I look over the congregation and see so many young adults making Jesus the priority in their lives and homes. Many responsibilities in our church are fulfilled by younger people. Of course, many people seem young to me. I am so thankful I get to serve the Lord with them. 

If you are young, remain a genuine follower of Jesus. Don’t let anyone belittle you about your age. If you are old, remain a genuine follower of Jesus. Don’t let anyone belittle you about your age. The younger we begin the longer we have to serve the Lord.

I love you,


This Week at FBC

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1 thought on “Biblical Millennials”

  1. Thank you for such a meaningful article about the ages of people in our church. I, too, am so grateful that God has blessed our church with so many young families. Thank you for your emphasis on being an intergenerational congregation.
    Bob K.


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