Everyone Needs a Buddy

Nancy snapped a picture and sent it to our children. She added a comment.

          “They are digging a pool for us in the back yard.”

          For some crazy reason Freckles and Duke had spent the morning on an excavation project that grew bigger than any hole that had ever been dug in our yard. By the time we saw what was going on, it was too late to minimize the damage. They were having the time of their lives. Duke provided most of the labor while Freckles managed the project. She seemed pleased to have him do most of the dirty work.

          They have been doing a lot of things together since Duke arrived back in the summer. The simple solitude of Freckles’ world was radically interrupted in a positive manner. Freckles lost exclusive rights to the doghouse and the backyard. However, she gained a buddy. She never goes anywhere alone. Duke remains her constant sidekick in the back yard, on the street and in the field. They do life together in their own canine way.

          Dogs are social creatures and remain healthier and happier when they get to spend time with other dogs. It is not good for dogs to be alone.

          It is not good for you to be alone. If you spend excessive amounts of time by yourself, you will tend to magnify problems, minimize blessings, and criticize yourself and others. You will begin to overthink things. Your attitude will sour. Most likely, you will often host self-pity parties that you will attend alone. The world seems colder and scarier when faced alone.

          You need buddies to do life with on a consistent basis. The best buddies are found in church. Jesus promised us that if we are forced to leave some relationships because of our commitment to Him we will receive many more in this world and in the age to come, eternal life. (Mark 10: 29-30) Our spiritual family can provide constant sidekicks who will enrich us as we journey through life. We must allow them into our lives and supply effort to enrich them as well. All relationships run both ways. If you choose to be a friend, you will have plenty of friends.

                                      Enjoy every day!


This Week at FBC

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  • Pray for the University Mission Trips to the DR and The Well Church in Mustang
  • No Wednesday activities on March 20

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