Children in Today’s World

Children need to know how to fail. Early in life, they need to face the reality that they will not always win at everything they do. One of my seminary professors explained that he never let his boys outrun him in a race across the yard. He did not want to rob them of the genuine victory that one day would be theirs. If children are given a trophy for everything, they are never really rewarded for anything. Besides, failure is a big part of life in this world. A righteous man may fall seven times, but he continues to get back up. Children need to know how to fail. Let them.

          Children need to know how to follow. They need to follow the guidance and submit to the training of their parents. Children should honor and respect their teachers, not challenge and belittle them. Children should treat adults with respect. Children are not capable of knowing, much less pursuing what is best for them. They cannot defy authority indefinitely. Life has a way of eventually getting everyone’s attention. The sooner children learn to follow the better.

          Children need to know how to not have fun. Some essential actions in life are not necessarily fun. We must learn to enjoy the things required in life rather than pursue only those things we enjoy. Through the years, I have often heard children complain about things not being fun. Having fun has never been more important than doing right, and it never will be. It does not hurt children to do chores and fulfill responsibilities that create more sweat than smiles.

          Teaching children is a tough job in our world. Some children will not sit still, pay attention, or keep quiet because they have been allowed to believe that they are the center of the universe. Some children have rarely been told “no” and never been disciplined. It is little wonder that some school teachers opt to change careers.

To end on a positive note, there are many wonderful, unselfish children growing up in the world. They are the ones who have been allowed to fail, taught to follow, and required to participate in non-fun activities. It may be more challenging to bring up children in today’s world, but it is not impossible. God’s Word remains true. Read through Proverbs.

                             Proverbs 22:6,


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