A Mother’s Love

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She refuses to quit.  Her choice of location lacked foresight, yet she continues to devote herself to success in spite of ongoing interruptions.  Why would a purple finch put down roots in a flower-covered wreath near some human’s front door?  I don’t know why, but I do know that she did.  Under ongoing surveillance she gathered materials and constructed a nest.  Every time – and there were plenty of times- we entered or exited our house, her progress was impeded.  Nevertheless, she completed the task.

          Once the structure was stable and softened, the egg laying began.  Daily we tabulated the count.  One small egg appeared, then two and eventually four.  After the miniature eggs filled the small nest, the incubation started.  At her post, the mother-to-be sits and waits.  When I turn the knob to open the door, she pokes out her head before flying away as I walk onto the porch.  Sometimes I turn the knob and watch through the side window just for fun.  When I get out of my truck I see her fly away about the time I slam my door. 

          I wonder if the bird periodically regrets building her nest in such a busy place.  I wonder if she inwardly regrets not setting up the nursery in a tall tree like most birds do.  Did she ever consider forgetting the four speckled eggs and starting over in another location?  After all, don’t bad circumstances validate deserted responsibilities?  Apparently not.  The bird will not leave her post.

          She demonstrates a mother’s love.  Sacrificially she provided as best she knew how for the offspring who were to come.  When threats appeared she refused to abandon her responsibility.  She offered no excuses, she altered no goals and she minimized no task.  Mothers do the same thing all the time as they act consistently and selflessly to secure the welfare of their children. 

          She also illustrates the faithfulness of God.  Isaiah 49:15 quotes the Lord as asking and answering His own question:  “Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?  Though she may forget, I will not forget you!”  As God watches over us we are secure-no matter what the circumstance.

                   I love you a lot …

                   God loves you more,


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