Learning from Our Mistakes

“In Jesus’ name, amen.”

The prayer before the evening meal at our house had ended abruptly. I was in grade school when we had gathered around the peninsula bar in the kitchen to share a sumptuous meal together as a family. Daddy prayed. He had barely said a word when an explosive sound resonated through our house after originating in the wood burning fireplace. Mama quickly confessed that she had tossed a black cat firecracker into the edge of the fire as a prank like her children had been doing.

One of us explained to her that we had been occasionally throwing some caps into the fireplace. They made a small noise and caused no residual damage. I was willing to forfeit a few caps I used while playing F-Troop in order to watch them pop and burn. I have no idea where Mama found the firecracker. She did clean up the ashes that covered the hearth. 

The fire was slow to get started so Daddy retrieved some lighter fluid from the garage to help it get going. He poured some into a paper cup in the garage and then brought it inside and tossed it on the smoldering fire. The flame jumped from the firebox and covered his arm. He lost all the hair and some of the skin. It looked awful. Turned out that in the early morning darkness, he had mistaken a can of Coleman’s white gas for a can of lighter fluid. His mistake proved quite painful. He still took us to meet the bus. 

I was exploring near the wood pile on the south end of our house when I saw the cute little bug with the orange furry tail section running between the logs. I decided to pick it up and show it to one of my sisters. I had never seen a cow ant before. The bite I received was one of the worst I ever experienced. I mistook a pain-causing ant for a cute little bug and paid the price for my error. I never made that mistake again. Neither did my Mama. Neither did Daddy. 

My brother, Rex, had a poster in his room that pictured a pig covered with mud. The caption read, “If we learn from our mistakes, I am getting a fantastic education.” We really can and should learn from our mistakes. 

I love you, 


FBC Highlights

  • May 12 LifeGroup Attendance – 694
  • Sunday Sermon – “Prioritizing Life and Marriage” – Exodus 20:13-14
  • Membership Matters Class – May 19 at 10:30 a.m. in the Parlor
  • All Church Meal / Family Meeting in the FLC – Sunday, May 19 at 11:30 a.m.
  • GriefShare….Loss of a Spouse Seminar – May 19 at 4:30 p.m. in the Parlor
  • Registration for Vacation Bible School – June 3-7, is available online http://www.fbcweatherford.com
  • Falls Creek 2019 will be July 15 – 20
  • May 26th – One service at 10:30 am. No LifeGroups

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