Happy Father’s Day

I thought about you today. Actually, to be honest, I think about you every day. This day was different. I was with the family before I preached a funeral. Several in the extended family came up from Hobart. One of them mentioned something about being a bearcat. I smiled. Then the zinger from the lady who had known you when you were alive.

“Your daddy was a great man. He was full of the love of Jesus.”

I responded, “And he faced a lot of challenges.”

“I know. He was very proud of you.”

Tears pooled in my eyes as the funeral director came into the room and began to give instructions about what was about to happen. For some reason, I really missed you in that moment. I wished I could have just five minutes to visit with you. I would like to tell you about what has been going on in my life. There is so much good to share. 

I was asked to lead in prayer. I did before heading into the chapel and having everyone stand in respect for the grieving family as they entered. After the family was in and the congregation was seated, the first song was played. It was the same song that was sung at your funeral over eleven years ago. More tears. I thought this would be over with by now. 

Actually, I am glad that it is not. I don’t ever want to forget you. How could I? I shave your face every morning. I look a lot like you. I am forever telling people that my daddy was a bricklayer. Those who know always respond, “That is hard work.” I smile and thank God that you worked so hard to provide for us. Heart-bypasses slowed you down, but they did not stop you. Thank you for teaching me to be a man of God on multiple fronts. 

I am still pastoring the First Baptist Church in Weatherford. I love it. Can you believe I am still preaching? Your burr-haired boy remains a bald-headed minister. I also have two bird dogs. Jason and Lynn are still healthy, and Nancy still loves me. Mama still enjoys life to the fullest with a wide circle of friends. Sandra and Sheri grow beautiful flowers and live wonderful lives. Rex…well, you know about Rex. 

See you later Daddy,


FBC Highlights

  • Sunday Sermon – “Good Fathers” – Luke 15: 11-32
  • LifeGroup Attendance – June 9 – 577
  • Falls Creek – July 15 – 20
  • SERVE Weatherford – July 8 – 13. Be looking for opportunities to volunteer
  • Pray for the Dominican Republic mission team – June 15 – 22
  • Pray for Children at Cross Timbers Camp
  • Pray for Youth at Super Summer

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. I love your letter to your Daddy. Sometimes, I’d like to write a letter to my mom. I never really knew your dad very well, but I’ve always thought so much of your mom. Thanks for sharing.


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