Farewell, my friend

John Hogan’s final time to lead us in worship will be this Sunday, June 30. I will miss him. He has served faithfully in multiple ways as God has used him to lead us in knowing what worship means and participating in it willingly. During the four years he has served at First Baptist Church, we have grown in our ability to participate in worship as a multi-generational church.

John has the unique ability of combining various styles of music in such a manner that we all feel included. He utilized hymns and choruses and praise songs in such a way that we could sing from our hearts the truths of God’s Word. Certainly John has a preferred style of music, but it did not show in the songs he used. What a great job he did leading out in a potentially divisive area of church life.

John pastored the flock entrusted to his care in the worship ministry. He watched over and encouraged the choir, the band members, the sound technicians, the Kidz Praize leaders, and so many more. He is a minister that leads worship, not a musician that leads songs. There is a difference. I have greatly benefitted from the time we have spent yoked together while leading Christ’s church. I pray God’s best for John, Stephanie and Cade as they follow God’s lead.

Our search committee for the next Worship Pastor of First Baptist Church was selected last Sunday. Ginger Read, Brennan King, Allison Kendall, Scott Steinly and Sarah Yount received the most votes by our congregation and each volunteered to serve. Remember them in your prayers as they seek God’s direction. They do not have an easy job.

During the interim, Brennan King will lead us in worship. Brennan has led worship in the Wednesday night Gathering service for the past two years. He has served as John’s replacement when John has been away. He will do a great job. Remember him in your prayers. We are greatly blessed as a church that he is available and willing to serve.

If my count is accurate, this is the seventeenth called staff member I have said goodbye to during my years as a pastor. The staff changes, but the head of the church remains Christ. That is why everything is going to be just fine.

The best is yet to come,


FBC Highlights

  • June 23 LifeGroup Attendance – 602
  • Sunday Sermon – “Can You Hear Me Now?” James 1:19-27
  • Membership Matters – Sunday, June 30 at 10:30 a.m. – Parlor
  • Farewell Reception for the Hogan’s – Sunday, June 30 at 6:00 p.m. – FH
  • Falls Creek 2019 will be July 15-20

2 thoughts on “Farewell, my friend”

  1. Good afternoon from Waco, Texas! I’m sorry to see that the Hogans have resigned and are moving back to Texas; which is not all bad since we live in Texas now. Can I send a good-bye card to the church’s address or do you have a new address for the Hogan’s?

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