Never Forget

His uncle took possession of the dog after it had been run over and injured by a car. After nursing it back to health, his uncle allowed John to assume ownership of the “Heinz 57” canine. He named his new pet Rusty. His hind quarters were white, while the rest of his body was a rusty brown. They became the best of friends. John was six years old.

A small store, as well as an elementary school, sat across the street from where John’s family lived. Periodically, John went over to the store and bought a Hershey’s candy bar, which he shared with Rusty under the ramp that led into the store. The shade was cool in the summertime. Besides, every growing boy needs some time away from his sister. John and Rusty spent the summer playing and doing what everyone did when life was simpler and time wasn’t so rushed.

When school started, John headed across the street to begin first grade. His younger sister stayed behind and continued to enjoy life as it came. One day she and a friend were playing in the front yard on a swing. His sister squealed with joy while her friend pushed her higher and higher. Rusty thought John’s sister was in trouble and bit her friend in a defensive move. The girl was diabetic. The girl’s grandmother threatened a lawsuit if Rusty was not put down.

When the authorities showed up to get Rusty, they could not get Rusty into the cage in the back of the truck. John was summoned from school to come and call Rusty into the truck. With a broken heart, John obediently crawled into the bed of the truck and called for Rusty to come. Rusty immediately responded to his best friend’s plea. John never saw Rusty again. He still remembers that day when he did what had to be done, even though it caused great pain.

We must forever remember Calvary’s cross, where God had to turn away from watching as Jesus, the lamb of God, took away the sins of the world. The joint venture “paid in full” the sin debt owed by all of us. Jesus, like a lamb led to slaughter, opened not His mouth as He willingly laid down His life. We can remember His death as we anticipate seeing Him in heaven.

Romans 8:32,


FBC Happenings

  • Sunday Sermon – “Mercy For All” – James 2: 1-13
  • LifeGroup Attendance on June 30 – 602
  • Church Office will be closed on Thursday, July 4th
  • SERVE Weatherford is July 8-13. Contact Tracy to volunteer.
  • Falls Creek is July 15-20

New Members

Paige Morris Cassidy Moses Nedra Smith

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