Remain Calm

Quail season neared completion, so I opted to take the dogs out for a short hunt on Saturday, after having gone earlier in the week. Freckles and Duke were staring me down from the backyard where they live. They think every day should be a hunting day. Knowing February 15th was coming soon, I loaded them up and took them to a nearby location where they could run free. I took my gun in case we found some quail.

The weather was pleasant, and the dogs were pleased, as was I. I don’t have many places I can actually drive in and park, but this was one of those places. We made our way north through thickets and trees without finding birds. Our success was the fact that we were outside in God’s creation. Duke and I headed back south on the east side of a small canyon. Eventually Freckles caught up with us.

When she showed up, her face was covered in blood, as was her chest and her front legs. She looked like she had lost an encounter with a bobcat. I called her, and she came. She was so interested in hunting that she could hardly stand still for me to examine her. She obviously was not hurt very badly. I discovered that she had cut her tongue on something. That kind of thing can happen when you leave it hanging out. The small wound produced a lot of blood.

I called the vet and received assurance that Freckles would be just fine. She pointed a covey of quail and some singles on the way back to the truck. I opted not to take a picture of her pointing while Duke honored. It wasn’t the image I wanted anyone to have of quail hunting. Before we headed home, I called Nancy and warned her of what she was going to see when we came home.

“It looks a lot worse than it is.”

She opted not to look. It wasn’t long until all bleeding stopped. Freckles gobbled down her food and continued on with life. It really was not a big deal to her.

Initially, some situations in life appear to be much more disastrous than they actually are. Before panicking, realistically examine the source of and the solution for the problem. Anything that can be fixed, replaced, or cleaned up is not really that big of a deal.

Remain calm,


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