A Regrettable Haircut

When I stopped by the Raintree Meadow apartments to pick Nancy up, she greeted me with silence. I was a junior at OBU, and she was in the Dietetics program at the OU Health Sciences Center. She lived in Midwest City. On the weekends when we returned to Hobart to see our families, we coordinated so as to travel together. We were not officially engaged but planned to marry after completing college.

The silence continued for the entire trip. Periodically, Nancy looked over at me with disappointment. What I had done was on display for all to see. I had gotten a standard military haircut from a local barber in Shawnee. Before that haircut my wavy black locks were touching my shoulders. I had not lost my strength like Samson, but I had created a bit of tension with the love of my life.

My journey from long hair to white walls had begun in the cafeteria. One of our group was going away for the summer to a Marine Core boot camp. He was in the reserves, and eventually made a career out of military service. He showed up at supper with his fresh haircut, compliments of Johnny Jett, the local barber.

A discussion began about who would be willing to get the same kind of haircut. “I will get one if you will.” Promises were made, and the pressure applied. By the time I volunteered under peer pressure, I was about sixth or seventh down the line. I felt good about the chances that someone else would not follow through, and I would be off the hook.

Guess what? You guessed it. Johnny Jett did a booming business that week. One by one my friends sat in the barber chair and came back to campus to show off their new look, and prove that they were men of their word. My time came, and I allowed my hair to be buzzed off. I proved I was a man of my word. However, I would have been wiser to have not given my word in the first place on this particular issue. Just because someone else does something does not make it right.

Nancy eventually spoke. My hair grew back before it fell out. By that time Nancy and I were happily married! Hair was not nearly as important as we originally thought.

Lucky me!


FBC Happenings

  • This Sundays Sermon “Sin No More” John 5:1-15
  • LifeGroup Attendance on September 15 – 785
  • GriefShare – this Sunday, September 15 at 4:30 p.m. in the Parlor
  • Wednesday Evening Meal at 5:00 p.m. Chicken Croissant Sandwich

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