Christian Community

The severity of Jesus’ temptation by Satan was magnified by the fact that He was alone. For forty days Jesus lived in the wilderness without food or water or human contact. It was in the context of isolation that Satan approached Jesus and sought to lure Him away from His God-given purpose. Even though cut off from all human contact, Jesus successfully resisted the repeated temptations of Satan.

You are not Jesus. You require Christian community in order to refute the lies of Satan and resist his pull toward compromise. The local church is central in God’s plan for our Spiritual survival and growth. It is in the local church that we are mentored and held accountable. Every Christian who becomes isolated from the local church becomes vulnerable to Satan’s destructive actions. Peter compares Satan to a prowling, roaring lion. Lions hunt and kill animals that have separated from the herd.

Every Christian needs to surround himself or herself with other believers who will share life with them and help them stay on track in their walk with Jesus. We offer these opportunities as a church in LifeGroups and D-Groups. Our intent is not to overload you with something else to do. Our intent is to provide opportunities for relationships to form and deepen over time. This safeguards us from the evil one. We tend to make far less foolish choices and take far less foolish actions when we are consistently involved in Christian community.

Jesus often spent time alone with His Heavenly Father. We should do the same. Jesus also spent a lot of time with a small group of men where He was able to encourage and be encouraged. I am sure that He did the bulk of the encouraging. However, even Jesus asked His D-Group in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Could you not watch and pray with me for an hour?” Jesus benefitted from close relationships. So do we.

When you participate in a LifeGroup or a D-Group, you are not just adding numbers to the weekly count. You are protecting your heart, your marriage, and your future. Satan plays for keeps, and we should do the same. Be intentional. Don’t allow yourself to remain alone while you are living for Jesus. Isolation opens the door for Satan to pounce and devour.

I love you, Earl

FBC Happenings

  • This Sundays Sermon “Standing Before God’s Throne” Jude 24-25
  • LifeGroup Attendance on December 1 – 593
  • Wednesday Evening Meal at 5:00 p.m. Slider Sandwich and Broccoli Soup
  • Thursday, December 12 – 55 & Up Trip to see the Christmas Lights in Yukon
  • Wednesday, December 18 – Movie Night “THE STAR” 6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary (NO WEDNESDAY MEAL OR CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES THAT EVENING)

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