Jesus Wept

Many a child has quoted the verse as a means of avoiding being shut out. When the teacher asks for the recitation of known verses, some boy or girl usually states, “Jesus wept.” They know neither the context nor the full meaning of the verse, but they can remember it. I am certain that I did the same thing more than once while growing up. When all verses count the same, why not quote the shortest one in the Bible?

Through the decades, this verse has grown to mean very much to me. Jesus wept while standing near Lazarus’ tomb, as the crowd harassed him for not doing more to keep his friend from dying. The tomb that held Lazarus was near other tombs that held other bodies. Think cemetery. Think grief. Think physical death. Think emotional pain. Jesus knew that it was only a matter of minutes before Lazarus would exit the grave and join his sisters for supper. Still, Jesus wept. Tears flowed down His face as the harsh reality of sins’ effect in this world ripped at the hearts of those He loved.

When I think of Jesus weeping, I am reminded of I Peter 5:7, which is a loose quotation of Psalm 55:22. “Casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” We are told to cast our anxieties onto Jesus because He actually cares for us. As He wept with Mary and Martha, He also joins with us in our time of pain. He does not condemn us for our sadness but supports us in our grief. Psalm 55:22 lists the reason for casting our cares on the Lord: “and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.”

Many burdens in life are too heavy for us to carry. One of those burdens is grief. Jesus understands the overwhelming nature of burying a loved one in a cold, dark grave. Jesus understands the fact that we need His help. Jesus remains available and willing to help us as we grieve because He cares.

Beginning March 8, I will preach a four sermon series I have titled “Jesus Wept.” The sermons are titled: Hearing the News; Facing the Funeral; Living with Grief; and Waiting for Heaven. Jesus wept because Jesus cares.

So do I, Earl  

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1 thought on “Jesus Wept”

  1. I see from your article that in March you will be covering grief. Have you read Doug Manning’s book, Don’t Take My Grief Away From Me”? It helped when our sister died of ovarian cancer when she was only 43. Doug married us. Oh! A quote of yours shared during a funeral service—“Don’t let the Devil take your smile away”. Wolf’s grand baby.

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