Farm Memories

After speaking at the CBA chapel service, I contacted a friend to see if he was home. On my way back to Weatherford, I planned to stop and enjoy his company. I am blessed with many friends whom I am always encouraged to spend time with. He was in the field hauling hay with his tractor but would be back to the home place in just a few minutes. He asked me to park on the south side of the shop and wait. I was glad to do so.

During the minutes I waited, I exited my truck and surveyed the equipment and supplies that were stored beneath the shed on the south side of the shop. I was especially impressed at the parallel parking job done with the old John Deere tractor that had forks on the front. There were several rolls of barbed wire on a couple of pallets. My mind raced back to my childhood. Building fence was never one of my favorite activities, but I did enjoy the time I spent with Daddy, as well as the variety of tasks required.

When Terry arrived, we went inside the shop, just as it began to rain. We discussed some significant issues related to God, country, and life. We laughed several times. The decibel level caused by the rain hitting the sheet iron roof escalated. I thought of Daddy’s barn, south of the house, where we retreated when the rain stopped the farming and the bricklaying. There is no sound like it – especially if it comes after the land has been dry for some time.

He was wearing coveralls, and I was wearing a coat. We were surrounded by implements and tools. One tractor was missing. I volunteered to take him to pick it up down south a few miles. How many times had I helped with tractor transfers during the days of my youth? Long before I was legal, Daddy had me driving out of necessity. Usually I followed right behind him. 

Our visit ended, and Terry stepped out to get in the tractor and drive it home. He checked the oil, just like Daddy taught me to always do. I noticed the tractor was pulling an off-set disc, just like the one I used to plow with back in the day. The tractor started, and I headed to Weatherford. I love life as God allows it to become. I also enjoy precious memories.

I love you, Earl

FBC Happenings

  • Sunday’s Sermon – “Facing the Funeral” John 11:17-37
  • LifeGroup Attendance on March 8 – 650
  • GriefShare this Sunday, March 15 at 4:30 p.m. in the Parlor
  • Spring Break is March 16-20. No Wednesday Activities that week.

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