Remain Calm and Carry On

Farmers learn to lean on God in ways that most of us will never experience. They work hard and plan carefully but can neither control the weather nor determine the markets. There is a sense in which they partner with God Himself as they live their lives and raise their families. In theory, we all do the same. We all remain dependent on God. Farmers experience this reality more up close and personal.

I still remember the day when Daddy and I were loading up our fishing poles to go down on Elk Creek and try to catch some catfish. The rains the night before had caused the creek to rise, which caused the fish to bite as they made their way upstream in search of new sources of food that were appearing in abundance. Timing plays a huge role in most life events and that is certainly true of fishing on Elk Creek.

Momma came to the back door and informed daddy that someone had just called and informed her that the wheat “Down Yonder” had been hailed out during the storms that rolled through the night before. Harvest was only weeks away. Without hesitation, Daddy hopped into the pickup, as did I. We headed for the creek. No sense in crying over spilled milk or hailed-out wheat. Daddy remained calm and carried on. We never missed a meal.

As a church we must remain calm and carry on in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has interrupted life as we have known it. Thanks for being present this past Sunday and adjusting to the plates at the doors and the lack of traditional handshakes and snacks. We will continue doing our best to make FBC a germ-free zone.

Our new challenge is to maintain unity and momentum as a church without meeting together on Sundays. Expectations have escalated for us to do our part in controlling the spread of the coronavirus. We will post new sermons to our web site on Sundays at 9 a.m. These sermons can be watched at any time after they are posted. The sermons, along with worship music, will also be played on 95.5 F.M. each Sunday at noon. Many are planning to gather in homes and watch together. Why not invite others to watch with you? It sounds a lot like the early church!

Acts 2:42-47, Earl  

FBC Happenings

  • This Sunday’s Sermon – “Living With Grief”
  • LifeGroup Attendance on March 15 – 402

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