Never Quit

“Lynn said, “That is more than I got.’”

Nancy had just finished talking with our daughter late on Friday afternoon. I could only hear half of the conversation as I sat in the recliner and rested up from another wonderful day of quail hunting that included more walking than birds. We had quit early after logging only a little over eight miles. We ended up with three quail. I had heard Nancy telling Lynn that we had not done very well. Lynn’s response put some perspective on the situation.

Even though we had little to show for our efforts, we had something to show for our efforts. If we had stayed home and talked about the good ole’ days, we would not have found a bird. If we had convinced ourselves that since it was a down year we shouldn’t even waste our time walking, we would have missed out on the memories that accompany us every time we drop the tailgate and let the dogs out. We didn’t get many, but we got more than we would have gotten if we had never left the house. Three is not the same as twenty, but it is more than zero.

Some Christians convince themselves that they will never reach anyone for Christ, so they quit sharing their faith and quit serving their Lord. They may reminisce about the good ole’ days when people were being saved more frequently and ignore the neighbor across their street who needs Jesus today. They give up before they start. Jesus has commissioned us to be His witnesses and allow Him to determine whom He saves. No encounter with any person guarantees they will respond positively to Jesus. The only thing guaranteed is that if we never sow the seed of the gospel a harvest of souls will never be reaped.

We must position ourselves so that God can use us to reach people for His glory. We are simply doing our jobs of meeting needs, building bridges, sharing truth, and serving in the church. The results of those actions are up to God. Salvation is of the Lord! Obedience is up to us! Just because we see less results from our labors is no reason to take a leave of absence. We are laborers in God’s vineyard and must never quit doing our jobs. We will never know if we never go.

Your labor is never in vain, Earl

FBC Updates

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  • This Sundays Sermon “Waiting On Heaven” II Peter 1:1-11

1 thought on “Never Quit”

  1. Greetings from the Weavers of Waco, Texas! All is well health wise with us. I enjoy your weekly post which I read on my iPad and it’s always timely, down to earth and up-to-date. We had made plans to come back up to Weatherford a couple of weeks ago but the weather and this virus thing caused us to rethink our leaving town. I have noticed over the past few months the numbers of Oklahoma vehicle tags moving to Waco; Durant, Spiro, and other places which I’ve not determined. We enjoy our church, First Baptist, Woodway, which is like Bethany to Oklahoma City, but we miss Weatherford, it’s familiarity , it’s homleyness , and we don’t have to drive several miles to get to church or the grocery store. Kay and I asked our Sunday school director and his wife if he would allow us to begin Supper Groups and they thought that it would be a great idea for fellowship and getting to know more about each other. The first time we did it went over well and the second time there were double the number for the supper groups; the first time there were two groups of three couples, the second time there were six groups. We didn’t do them during the summer when families were on vacation . We miss you, but we’re glad to be close to Kimberly, about 3/4 of a mile away and two houses north of Fay and Doyle. Keep up the good work, keep praying that our country will turn back to the principles upon which it was founded.

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