We Can’t Fix It

I stopped by for a visit. She has been a widow for a few years. We talked about a multitude of things. I have always felt comfortable in their home, which is now her home. She paused before she commented on an issue that came up. I leaned in to hear what she had to say. When a godly woman, approaching her tenth decade on earth, has an insight to share, it is always good to listen.

“We can’t fix it.”

She continued to explain that many challenges in life had been far beyond her ability to fix them. She had no specific situation in mind. It had been her experience through the decades that God was the One who did the fixing while she patiently waited on Him to work.

Actually, that was part of the problem. She had not always been successful in waiting patiently for God to work. She mentioned how she tended to go down the “worry trail” of potential issues that might arise. I thought of myself when she mentioned being able to imagine all kinds of pain and hurt that would eventually be a reality if nothing changed.

“I just give it to God and trust Him.”

She laughed and confessed that she was not always successful in doing so. She did mention some specific situations she was currently praying about and trusting God with. Challenging issues never cease to travel with us as we journey through life. Neither does God. He remains faithfully devoted to His people. So, we wait on His timing while trusting His love, insight, and power.   

As we cast our cares on Him, He replaces our anxiety with His peace. He replaces our worry with His courage. He replaces our fear with His hope. He replaces our sadness with His joy. Only God can fix it. He will only fix it if we relinquish control of the issues and of our lives to Him. There will always be things in life that need to be fixed. We serve a God who can fix anything. Trust Him to fix things for you as you rest in Him without worrying about the future.

I love you, Earl  

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1 thought on “We Can’t Fix It”

  1. Good afternoon Brother Earl! Once again you have written a down to earth and timely article. We’re enjoying Waco with the Jacksons two houses away from us and Kimberly and Randy less than a ten minute walk away, but we miss Weatherford. Thank you for your down to earth and timely article. We had made plans to go back up to Weatherford a couple of weeks ago but the weather in Weatherford caused us to rethink our trip. Maybe when the weather becomes a bit more cooperative we will come up for a long weekend. Keep up the good work and give our regards to your ‘flock’!

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