Watching and Waiting

They watched and waited while I worked. Freckles and Duke positioned themselves on the concrete inside the gate on the south side of our house. They peered through the decorative iron gate (made by Bryce Murphy many years ago) and barked not a word. Still, I knew what they wanted. Quail season had ended a couple of weeks earlier, and they longed for me to take them to a field where they could run like the wind.

Nancy had been gone most of the week and was scheduled to return in the afternoon. I was doing my best to complete the early annual yard work before noon. I cut back plants. I removed the aging knockout roses that seemed to have more thorns than blooms last year. I moved a couple of bushes and watered them in. I relocated some granite rocks and the sign that accented them.

The greatest challenge I faced was getting the old lawnmower and weed eater to start. Eventually they did, and I cut back the monkey grass in anticipation of spring growth. The blister I created on my right index finger was the only injury from the morning. I loaded up all the trimmings into my truck and hauled them off. When I returned, Freckles and Duke were still staring at me with those hope-filled eyes. What they wanted, only I could provide. They were helpless to help themselves.

I thought about my relationship with God. There are many times when I watch and wait while He works. I run out of words to say and actions to take as I feel helpless to help myself. God does a great job of running the world, and I watch in awe as He takes care of things. It is just that the things I am seeking don’t seem to happen. I refuse to whine because He provides so much for me. Still, it would be nice if He answered my prayer.

I went inside and ate a quick snack before throwing the dog box in the back of the truck. Joyful howling began. They were still watching. As soon as I opened the gate, they sprinted toward the garage, where I loaded them up before taking them for a run. We had a great time. I did for them what they could not do for themselves. God does the same for us.

Keep watching and waiting, Earl  

FBC Updates

  • Watch FBC Worship Services anytime after 9:00 a.m. Sunday on the website at:, on the First Baptist Church Facebook Page, on FBC Weatherford Media on YouTube, or listen at noon on 95.5 FM The Coyote
  • This Sundays Sermon “Hypocrites In The Church” Acts 4:36 – 5:11

1 thought on “Watching and Waiting”

  1. Just another ‘GREAT JOB’! We had hoped to get back up to Weatherford before now but for the virus we’re staying pretty close to home; we even limit the number of trips that we take to the grocery store. We enjoy our church, First Baptist, Woodway (Woodway is it’s own town like Bethany is to Oklahoma City) but it’s so large that we don’t even know all of the names of people in our ‘Fellowship Groups’, the church has two Fellowship Groups; the first one begins at 9:00, the second begins at 10:30. Fay and Doyle’s house is two houses away from us and K, and Kimberly and Randy live across the sub-division from us, less than a mile away. Kay and Fay get our together every day and lot’s of the time they include me ( so that I can buy the drinks). We are still hopeful of getting back up your way in the not so distant future. Give our regards to those in your flock who might remember us and especially to Nancy and the kids. God Bless us all!

    going to the grocery store or to McDonald’s or What-A-Burger for a break and a drink. Doyle’s neck makes his trips out of his house few and far between; he gets out to get a hair cut and most of the time he try’s to make his hair cut and his doctor’s visit within a close time.

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