God’s Enabling Grace

Some opportunities in life are forced upon us when we least expect them. Many people will not trust God until they have to. As long as they can continue to make things happen without Him, they will. Eventually, they come to the end of their rope and must trust Him, for there is no other option. At that point they find Him to be more than adequate for the need they face. God always supplies our needs.

I experienced His enabling grace as I preached this Easter’s sermon. I was scheduled to meet Brennan north of town at 6:45 a.m. I woke up at 4:00 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I had a quiet time, walked the dogs, and looked over the sermon. That is when I realized that I had left my “preaching Bible” at the church. With time somewhat short, I opted to use the well-worn, hardback Bible I read from in the mornings.

Breakfast went rather quickly, giving me time to run by the church and get my “preaching Bible.” I stopped by, grabbed my Bible, and headed out to wait for the sun to peak over the horizon. That is when I remembered that I had left my sermon notes in the aforementioned hardback Bible. I thought of Dr. Fasol, my preaching professor, who had always encouraged us to eventually preach without notes.

“There is great freedom in preaching without notes,” he would often say.

I felt anything but freedom. Had the situation been different, I could have gone back to the house. However, the sun’s trek has only been interrupted a couple of times in the history of the world. This was not going to be the third. I went over the sermon outline in my head a few times as Brennan finalized the camera and light set up.

When Brennan pointed at me, I looked into the camera and started preaching. I didn’t have to worry about the notes blowing in the wind. I didn’t have to concentrate on not looking down. I just preached, and it seemed to go well. I was reminded again of the fact that God enables us to do all that He asks us to do – even when we forget our notes.

Philippians 4:13, Earl

FBC Updates

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  • This Sundays Sermon “Doing Our Part” Acts 5:12:42

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