Daddy’s Shadow

Everyone should be so privileged as to have a daddy like I had. I realize I am biased in my assessment of his qualities and abilities. However, most who knew him would confirm my conclusions. He was far from perfect, but he was genuine in his commitment to Jesus and to his family. I have kept an old black and white picture of us in my study for many decades. The picture tells a story.

We are both holding our Bibles as we face east in the front yard of the home where I was raised. Evidently we are headed for church. The shadows behind us indicate that it is fairly early in the morning. We will read the Bibles in Sunday school and worship. I may look at the pictures in mine during the sermon. I am not yet aware of just how significant the Bible is, but daddy is showing me. He will continue to do so.

Daddy is holding his Bible with hands that are calloused from swinging a hammer, and using a shovel, and pushing a wheelbarrow. Still a carpenter, he will soon transition to bricklaying, so he won’t have to climb ladders. Most likely one of his fingernails is blackened from blunt force trauma. He cleans up after work, not before. He has shown me the importance of going to work and doing a good job. He will continue to do so.

Behind us a bit of the barn, the lot and the loading chute can be seen. Daddy works construction full time and farms three quarters of land after work and on weekends. He grows wheat, cotton, and alfalfa. The eclectic herd of cattle has to be moved between pastures in order to insure enough grazing. He has taught me about perseverance in sowing, waiting for rain, and celebration of the harvest.  He will continue to do so.

We are both wearing a coat and tie. It must be Easter. Little does Daddy know that the young son beside him will one day be wearing a coat and tie and holding a Bible while preaching sermons, funerals, and weddings. The large shadow he is casting has influenced his son more than he realizes. It will continue to do so.

And so it does, Earl

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