Doing Life Together

David was having more than a bad day. He was having a bad year as he stayed one step ahead of the murderous intent of King Saul. David was surrounded by a few hundred “losers” who followed him faithfully. King Saul had the entire army of Israel at his beck and call. Saul was jealous of David’s relationship with God and feared that David would replace him as king. He was trying to eliminate the competition.

David had done nothing to enrage King Saul, but he became the target of his wrath. Time after time David escaped by the skin of his teeth, but Saul kept coming. The Lord stirred up hope within David, and he wrote several Psalms to celebrate God’s goodness. Surely David, the man after God’s own heart, was more than competent to handle the undeserved attempts on his life with a swagger and a smile. Or, was he?

“And Jonathan, Saul’s son, rose and went to David at Horesh, and strengthened his hand in God.” I Samuel 23:16.

David and Jonathan were close friends. They had been through a lot together, and God had knit their hearts as one. Even though Jonathan was the official heir to Saul’s throne, he knew that God had other plans. He not only accepted but celebrated the fact that David would one day be king. He came to David and reminded him of the fact. He would not be killed by Saul. He would replace Saul. The two made a covenant with one another, and Jonathan went home.

David’s situation did not really change. However, he was encouraged and better able to face the storm he found himself in because of time spent with a friend. It is amazing how God encourages us with the presence and conversation of a Christian friend. When he was nearing his execution date, Paul requested that Timothy come soon for one last visit in order that Paul might be filled with joy.

God encourages us through the presence and conversation of other believers. You can send a card or make a call or host someone in your home. The method may vary, but the outcome is still the same. When we share life, we are encouraged. When we face life alone, we grow weary. During a pandemic we have to be more creative, but we can still encourage others.

I Samuel 23:16, Earl 

FBC Happenings

  • Sundays Sermon “God Led Moses” Exodus 13:17-22
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