In Need of a Coat

He needed a coat. The interior of the Roman jail cell offered few conveniences to the seasoned apostle. His basic needs were provided only when the soldier on duty felt compelled to do so. Many nights he had trouble sleeping. A growling stomach tends to make rest almost impossible. The air smelled musty and chilled his body to the bone after the sun went down.

Now winter was coming and the situation would get worse. Paul was not one to complain, but the cloak he left behind in Troas with Carpus would sure make the days, and especially the nights, much easier to endure. So he asked Timothy to bring the coat with him when he came to visit. 

Paul-the apostle. Paul-the author of at least thirteen books in the New Testament. Paul-the great missionary and evangelist. Paul-the scholar. Spending his final days on earth incarcerated by wicked people. And he didn’t even have a coat.

Quite the contrast, don’t you think, with those religious leaders of today who tell us that if we just have enough faith and get the sin out of our lives all will go well for us physically and financially. Apparently these modern day leaders have more insight and integrity than Paul had. Or maybe they just don’t know what they’re talking about.

Sometimes God’s choice people suffer hardship on earth. Paul not only died homeless, he died coatless. It didn’t bother Paul, though. He knew the Lord would bring him safely to His heavenly kingdom. He wouldn’t need a coat there.

I love you,   Earl

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