I was raised with privilege. My privilege had nothing to do with the color of my skin and everything to do with the integrity of my parents. The parents who raised me provided me with a privileged start in becoming the man I am and enjoying the life I live. Their wise choices, high expectations, and sacrificial actions positively impacted my life.

Momma and Daddy got married and stayed married. She was out of high school, and he was out of the navy when they tied the knot at the Mount Tee Pee Baptist Church. “Tiny” and “Sonny” married before they moved in together. Their commitment was before God and to one another. I came along less than two years later and became the first of four children to join their family. We lived in an old frame farmhouse that Daddy renovated multiple times. I don’t think we were poor. At least, we never felt poor.

Momma and Daddy lived their faith and took us to church. Both of them served in multiple ways in the small Baptist churches we attended. We started out in the same church where they married. When it closed, they moved us to the Washington Street Baptist Church in Hobart. We attended faithfully and deepened our relationships with God and with other believers. We were surrounded by very positive influences. Each of us children trusted Christ as Savior. I surrendered to preach during a Spring revival meeting we attended every night.

Momma and Daddy expected us to work and made us mind. They were reasonable in their expectations and gave us a weekly allowance. When they asked us to do something they expected us to do it. When we needed it, they disciplined us. They did not hurt us but did convince us that we didn’t want to come back for more. As we were able, our responsibilities increased. I began going to the job site with Daddy when I was almost 12 years old. He paid me a fair wage, and we developed bonds that last till today.

Were Momma and Daddy perfect? No. Only Jesus lived a perfect life on earth. Still, they did so many things remarkably well as parents who had never read a book on parenting except the Bible. Eventually, the four of us made our own choices about the direction we took in life. We did so as privileged children because we had wonderful parents. I am grateful.

Ephesians 6:2-3, Earl

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