Last Women Standing

They stayed until they could stay no more. The three women remind me of those who stand beside their loved one’s open casket for an extended period of time at the end of the funeral. They want one last look. They can’t believe the one they love is headed for the cemetery. They know death has happened, but find it hard to say goodbye. Mary, Mary, and Salome knew they needed to leave, but they could not bring themselves to go.

From a distance they watched as the crowd cleared away from the crosses on top of the hill. Those who earlier had shouted and jeered had grown silent during the darkness that began at noon and lasted three hours. Most of them left as soon as they could see to travel. Soldiers showed up and broke the legs of the thieves on either side of Jesus. They opted to thrust a spear into Jesus’ side. The women wept as they accepted the reality of Jesus’ death.

It had been a grueling day. They had watched as the One they followed and supported and loved underwent unjust punishment and a torturous death. Watching the events of the day exhausted them. Accepting the end of their hope devastated them. He was the One they had believed to be the Messiah promised by the prophets. The miracles He worked and the demons He removed all pointed to the reality of His divinity. Now He was dead.

Now they were confused. Now they were broken-hearted. Now they were scared. However, they were there! Their love for Jesus would not let them leave. The plot thickened as two Pharisees came and removed the body of Jesus from the middle cross. They watched Joseph and Nicodemus prepare the body of Jesus for burial. They followed as the two men carried His body and laid it in a nearby tomb. The women planned to bring more spices later. They noted that a huge stone was rolled across the entrance of the tomb. They planned to return anyway.

The setting sun cast a red glow across the land. What they considered to be the elimination of their hope was actually the establishment of hope for everyone. The blood Jesus shed paid in full for the sins of the world. The blood Jesus shed made forgiveness possible for sinners.

It still does, Earl

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1 thought on “Last Women Standing”

  1. Earl My Brother Friend , you have such a good way of saying what you say. TY & we’ll keep the hot tea on for you. c&v



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