Skunk Attack

I laughed until I cried. One of the reasons I enjoy visiting face to face with people is the fact that I never really know what is going to happen. I had stopped by to express my concern and pray for a man whose sister had died a few days earlier. Someone had left a message on the church phone, informing me of the loss. I went to see my friend.

Earl and Joyce always gladly welcome me into their home. Many years ago I learned that he shared my passion for quail hunting and Brittany bird dogs. He and Joyce also share my love for Jesus. What faithful servants of the Lord they have been and continue to be. Earl will be 90 years old next month.

As he shared the details of his sister’s death, he mentioned that she had been sick for some time and now was in a better place. It was time, and she had been prepared. He and Joyce had God’s peace that passes understanding. At that point, Earl radically changed the topic of our conversation.

“I was attacked by a skunk!” He went on to explain that the past Wednesday, as he was hooking up the hose on the south side of the house, he felt something hit him in the leg. He looked back to see a skunk staring at him. He kicked the skunk as hard as he could, assuming that the stinky thing would get out while the getting was good. He assumed wrong. The skunk made four different runs at Earl, only to be met with the shoe that eventually went in the trash. Finally, the skunk headed east, looking back over his shoulder, as if to say, “I will return.”

In the aftermath of the skunk attack, Earl ended up in the ER, and began a series of rabies’ shots. He threw away his other shoe as well as his jeans. The skunk only sprayed a little, which was more than enough. Earl tried to get away, but the skunk had him cornered between a tree and a bush. He had called for Joyce, but she did not hear him. Everything Earl said was said with a smile on his face. He was hamming it up, and I was enjoying every word. I went home refreshed because I had laughed with Earl.

Life is 10% circumstance and 90% attitude.

LOL, Earl

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