Flowers For Nancy

In the words of Bob Dillon, it was a “slow train coming.” In May of 2020 Nancy and I attended the celebration of a graduating senior. While we were in the family’s home, we looked through several scrap books, enjoyed some wonderful food, and visited with many friends. We even had our picture made with the guest of honor.

Nancy spotted a colorful painting on the mantel that she really liked. The graduate’s mother is a professional decorator. She displays nice things in everyone’s home, including her own. On the ride home Nancy commented on how pretty the painting was. I could tell that, in her mind, it was far superior to the paintings of quail I tend to hang around the house.

I contacted our friend and asked if she would mind if I copied her painting. She was more than willing for me to do so and sent a couple of pictures to my phone. My plan was to begin the project quickly. However, I could not locate a canvas that fit the mantel where Nancy planned to hang it. So we waited, and I almost forgot. I almost forgot because I had never painted anything like the piece before. I feared I would fail to create a painting worthy of hanging above the mantel where everyone looks as they enter our home.

When Nancy found a 24 x 24 canvas, she texted me to share the good news. I thought about the multiple ways I could mess the project up. I anticipated disappointing her. However, I attempted to do so anyway. I painted in our driveway with my paints and brushes available on the tailgate of my truck. My studio is like no other! After the first afternoon, I feared the worst. My flowers lacked definition. Nancy’s visiting sister encouraged me, “I am sure it will be nice.” Will be.

I laid the painting aside a few days during the week, but I refused to quit. Things started falling together the next weekend. I mixed just the right hue of blue. I painted over some mistakes and added a few more flowers. Nancy guided me as I finished up. I wanted her to be pleased, and she was! I was willing to leave my comfort zone even when I feared failure, because I was doing so for the one I love.

Ditto in our service of Jesus! Earl

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  • This Sundays Sermon “Proclaiming God’s Wondrous Deeds” Psalm 71:17-18
  • Family Worship and LifeGroups, Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
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1 thought on “Flowers For Nancy”

  1. Good afternoon, Brother Earl! I’m just reading your weekly post and checking up on your family. Our family is doing well, Kimberly and Randy are doing well, Randy is teaching at Baylor and Kimberly is tutoring for one of the elementary schools on as needed basis; so we see her almost every afternoon when we get together at Fay and Doyle’s house. Doyle is not doing well, he’s battling emphesima ( sorry that it might be misspelled); he is on oxygen on all the time, one of Doyle’s sons, Trevor Jackson, is living with them. Please put Doyle and Fay on your church pray list. Thank you very much.

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