Foolish Risks

When I went outside to pet the dogs after arriving home from work, Duke darted away and disappeared. Usually he is first in line to receive as much attention as possible. The reason for his unusual behavior became obvious when he reappeared with a dead squirrel in his mouth. He seemed to be so proud. I disposed of the squirrel before giving him some attention.

Our house is surrounded by squirrels. Occasionally we hear them run across the roof as they move from our neighbor’s tree on the north to our neighbor’s tree on the south. We serve to connect the high rise dwellings for the furry tailed rodents. I have to admit that they are cute. I also have to confess that they can cause a lot of damage. I think back to the times when they consumed a vacuum line on my son’s car and the spark plug wires on my daughter’s car. I never declared war, but my attraction to the squirrel’s cuteness waned.

It is not unusual for the squirrels to run down the top of our stockade fence. At times they stop and taunt Freckles and Duke. The dogs bark while jumping in vain at the base of the fence. Eventually the squirrels scurry down the fence before hopping on to the outstretched limbs of the maple tree in the adjoining yard. Apparently the squirrels enjoy teetering on the edge of destruction. One teetered too much and ended up dead.

Why would squirrels linger near those who could harm them? They could easily make their way around the fence and into the maple tree. They could keep their distance so that their safety would be guaranteed. Evidently squirrels are a lot like some people. Rather than keeping their distance from potential destruction, they see how close they can get to it without being destroyed. I’m sure that squirrel never thought it would happen to him.

The wise person avoids potentially destructive behaviors. Why risk becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs or pornography? The easiest way to defeat addiction is to never start. Is this an unreal expectation? Most believe it is. I don’t. I’ve lived too long and seen too many lives and marriages and children severely damaged by non-essential, foolish actions. Next time you consider taking a foolish risk, think about that squirrel in Duke’s mouth. Life does not have to be as tough as some people make it.

I love you, Earl

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