Work Ethic

By the time I had completed my attempt to receive assistance, I was extremely frustrated. I had been transferred from one department to another multiple times without receiving the help I needed. When I ended the call, I felt like I had been carrying on a conversation with nobody. I had never conversed with a human being.

I told Nancy, “I want to go somewhere and yell for all to hear, ‘Go back to work!’” The world will not operate without people doing their jobs. Besides that, God has created us to work. Work was a part of Adams routine before sin entered the picture in Genesis 3. Adam was given the task of caring for the Garden of Eden while still in his sinless state. Work has four letters, but it is not a four-letter word.

Proverbs is filled with warnings against sloth and promises for diligent effort. Our futures are greatly affected by the effort we supply in whatever we do. God never expects us to become workaholics, but He does expect us to work. It is through the work we do that we are able to supply needs for ourselves and have resources with which to help others. It is through work that we find satisfaction and fulfillment by creating and accomplishing and helping. Doing nothing is highly overrated.

Many in the church in Thessalonica was certain that Jesus was coming back very soon. Actually, they were so certain, they quit their jobs and waited for the return of Jesus. What could please God more than such great faith? Apparently getting a job and working pleased God more. Paul advised the church as a whole to quit letting members eat if they had the ability and opportunity to work, yet chose to do nothing. His conclusion was that a lack of food to eat would compel the slackers to get to work.

We cannot control many things in life. If we are healthy, we can control whether we get out of bed in the morning and go to work. Anyone willing and able to work can work. The job may not be easy or high paying, but it will be an opportunity for fulfilling our God-given mandate to work. Retirement will come soon enough. Until then, remain active in fulfilling the opportunities God allows you to have. That’s why we call it a work ethic. It is a high moral standard.

I love you, Earl

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  1. Good afternoon, Earl. While we together, but I don’t remember where or why I did forget to ask you to put Fay and Doyle on your prayer list. Doyle is terminally ill, he eats very little food and what he does eat he eat gets vomit’s; within a very few minutes. He probably weighs less than 100 pounds; Fay is wearing herself down from her fear of having to live alone; Kay and I can tell that Fay is loosing weight. Thanks for your prayers for both of them; Fay has already made the preparation for him to be creamated.

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