Accepting Hardship

The heifer found herself orphaned. Her owners discovered her near the body of her mother, who had died while giving birth to her. Such was the non-traditional beginning of the black baldy calf. “Brownie” took two bottles of mixed formula each day while remaining in a lot, isolated from the other calves. This was not how life could have been or should have been, but this was how life was.

By the time Nancy and I met Brownie, she was doing quite well. After enjoying dinner with her owners, we were invited to participate in feeding her. Nancy traded out her sandals for a pair of rubber boots. Once the formula was mixed, and the bottle was filled, she began feeding Brownie. Periodically the heifer released her suction and butted toward Nancy. This action was natural but a bit unnerving.

As Brownie neared the bottom of the bottle, Nancy passed it off to me. I was glad to spend some time reminiscing about my years growing up on a farm. I scratched her ears and rubbed her head. Brownie, not Nancy! When the bottle emptied, Brownie romped a bit. Nancy was wearing a multi-colored dress. Brownie charged at her, and Nancy climbed onto the fence. We all laughed at Brownie’s shenanigans. She trotted around the lot and nibbled on the bottom of my jeans. She had a great time. She was as healthy as a horse and as happy as a lark.

Her circumstance was not ideal. She should have been butting an udder instead of a bottle. She should have been frolicking with the other calves instead of spending her days in the lot. She should have been monitored and protected by her mother, but her mother died. Brownie was born into less than ideal circumstances, yet she thrived. Fortunate for her, she had owners who sacrificed to meet her needs.

Most people face less than ideal situations in life. Those who thrive anyway are those who refuse to feel sorry for themselves and allow others to help them. We cannot control most things that happen to us. We can control our attitude and our reaction as we allow God to help us. Make the most of the life you have been given. It is the only one you have.

I love you, Earl

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