The First Day of School

The following article first appeared August 19, 1990 in the Harmony Baptist Church newsletter.

My little girl started Kindergarten on Monday. After a lite breakfast, she made her bed and dressed herself. Nancy fixed her hair and helped her brush her teeth before our entire family piled in the Jeep and headed for school. It was different transporting both of my children. For two years the morning ride had been exclusively a father-son experience. That will change this year.

This begins a new chapter in the life of everyone in our home – especially in the life of my wife, Nancy. For the first time in nearly eight years there will not be a small child at home to tend to from daylight until lights out. I take my hat off to you, Nancy. I commend you on an exceptional job of parenting during the “formative years.” Jason and Lynn will always be influenced by the massive doses of yourself which you poured into them.

Lynn was so excited to get a front row desk. She heard you say it was easier to pay attention and learn from the front row. She wants to do her absolute best. She can thank you for that desire. Consistently you have encouraged her and praised her and helped her to do her best at everything she attempts. She will not try to “just get by” – because she has never seen you do so.

Lynn and Jason walked hand in hand to go outside to play before school started. Unashamed of their love for one another, they hurried out onto the playground. Jason and Lynn both learned how to care about one another and others by living in the shadow of your influence throughout the past years. Your big heart and “leaky faucets” have consistently illustrated to them what it means to truly “love one another.”

When the bell rang, Lynn marched right past us as we stood on the playground. I know that was a bit hard on you. I saw your eyes begin to moisten. Yet, she was intent on getting to class and beginning her first day of school. She is secure. You gave her that, also. You have not made her emotionally dependent upon you. You have provided her with a stable base at home which makes it possible to launch out into new things with confidence.

The job is far from over. I know that. I also know that I thank God my children have you to complete the task in their lives which you have begun so well.

A woman who fears the Lord- She shall be praised. Earl

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