Trust God and Do Good

How should we respond when life slaps us in the face? Peter refers to these situations as “fiery trials” that inevitably show up in every person’s life. These are those things that happen in us and to us while we are living for Jesus. It could be a physical illness, or a job loss, or a broken relationship. These trials are not self-inflicted through sinful acts but personally experienced while following Jesus.

We can limit pain in our lives by making good choices. The principle of sowing and reaping applies to Christians as well as non-Christians. Life gets really tough when we do foolish things. One of the reasons it breaks my heart to see the landscape of Oklahoma covered with casinos and marijuana shops is the hurt that comes from gambling and dope smoking. The same could be said for drinking alcohol. Unnecessary complications come into life when unwise choices are made. Some people can participate in these activities “responsibly.” Many people participate in these activities to the demise of themselves and those they love.

I don’t gamble, smoke dope, or drink alcohol. Life has still slapped me in the face on multiple occasions. Each one of those slaps has been permitted by God or it would not have happened. The only power Satan has is the power God allows him to have. In reality, he is a pawn, not a king. He remains on God’s chain. Yet, for some reason, God sometimes lengthens the chain and allows him to wreak havoc in the lives of faithful followers of Jesus. This fallen world includes suffering on multiple fronts which allow believers to reveal Christ’s glory.

How do we do this? According to Peter, who was very familiar with suffering, we must keep trusting God and continue doing good. (I Peter 4:19) No deep theological insight is necessary to carry on while suffering pain. Keep trusting God. He remains faithful and all-powerful. When things get better, it will be because of His powerful intervention. The worst thing we can do when we hurt is turn away from God. Keep doing good. Remain engaged in activities where you can make a positive impact.

Remember Jesus. When suffering unjustly, what did He do? He kept trusting God. “Not my will, but Thine be done.” He kept doing good. “It is finished.” Consequently, salvation remains available for sinners.

Trust God and Do Good, Earl

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