A Burr Under Her Collar

After the dogs and I had completed an extended trip around a pasture north of town, we had accumulated an abundant number of “stick tights” and grass burrs. The consistent rains of the summer resulted in a bountiful supply of all types of vegetation. On the morning I walked while Freckles and Duke ran, the heavy dew soaked my jeans and their bodies. We failed to locate any quail but managed to jump two bucks and a doe.

Before I loaded them into the dog box, I attempted to remove all of the grass burrs and most of the “stick tights.” I succeeded in doing so with minimal puncture wounds to my thumb and forefinger. The moisture made them easier to remove. After loading the dogs, I used a knife to scrape the attached items from my jeans. It took a while, but eventually I felt good about loading up and heading home.

After I take them for a run, the dogs usually spend some time in the back yard finalizing the removal of burrs from their coats. That is why I like to make sure and leave the burrs in the pasture. I would rather not have them growing in my back yard. Freckles is especially meticulous in cleaning herself up.

The following morning, while putting the harnesses on the dogs before their walk, I discovered a large grass burr under Freckles’ collar. It didn’t draw blood, but it did get my attention. I immediately removed the burr from her hair. I thought about the pain the burr had caused as the collar pressed against it. I would not have been able to remove the burr if she had not come close to me.

As we make our extended trip through life, we encounter plenty of painful items that “stick tight” to us. We do our best to deal with those situations. However, there are times when we cannot remove the pain. When we draw near to our loving heavenly Father, He is able to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. He will stop the hurt when we draw near to Him. His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Matthew 11:30, Earl

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