God’s Sovereign Will

We met every Monday night and prayed. Nancy and I were newly married and living in Hobart. I met with a group of men from the First Baptist Church in order to seek God’s face and favor. We had a list of men whose names the pastor read as we began our time of prayer each week. It was not unusual for the prayer time to last a couple of hours.

We prayed conversationally. Some men remained silent. Some men prayed multiple times. All who prayed did so as if Jesus were sitting in the room with us. Guess what? He was! We requested His miraculous mercy on behalf of others as well as ourselves. We did not learn about prayer by reading a book or attending a seminar. We learned about prayer by calling out to Him for extended periods of time.

I formed relationships that went well below the surface. Many of the men have gone on to heaven. I saw one of them at a convenience store a few weeks ago. My understanding of corporate prayer expanded by participating in prayer. More than that, my understanding of God expanded during that period of my life.

One night, during the Spring, a large thunderstorm was brewing in the Southwest. On one side of me was a young father who roofed houses in order to provide for the needs of his growing family. On the other side of me was a farmer, whose wheat was standing in the field ripened and ready to be harvested. If the storm produced the hail that was predicted, the roofer would win and the farmer would lose. If the storm produced no hail, the opposite would be true.

How were we to pray? Would the men closest to God determine the weather? Would the majority prevail? Should Rob and Mervin have lobbied the men before the prayer time started? In reality, we were all responsible to surrender to the will of God, whichever way He chose for things to go. I don’t remember if it hailed or not.

I do remember gaining a new appreciation for the sovereignty of God. I joyfully surrender to His absolute control. My responsibility is to remain surrendered to Him. I have no desire to tell Him how to run the universe. I have all confidence that He can and will handle the task effectively for His glory. That’s all that really matters.

Amen! Earl

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1 thought on “God’s Sovereign Will”

  1. A great analogy. Many times Not My Will, But Thine, Be Done”

    it’s hard to accept God’s Will. Thanks!

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