A Job Well Done

Nancy and I intentionally thank people for working. When we eat out, it usually takes a while to get our food since most places seem to be short staffed. Rather than grow frustrated, we enjoy visiting with one another until the food arrives. We realize it is not the fault of the person who showed up to work that many others failed to do so. I have even increased the tips that I leave. I am so thankful for those who are willing to work.

I met a man riding a bicycle while I was walking my dogs. The unusual part about the man was the fact that he had his lunch box attached to his handle bars and his tool belt draped across his shoulder. The sun had barely come up, and he was already as happy as a lark.

“Those are good looking dogs!”

I thanked him and wondered just how far he was going to ride his bike before making it to the job site. I thought of a home that was being framed a few blocks away. Most likely that was where he was headed. He was headed to work and grateful for the opportunity. Men like him accomplish much good in our world. He meets a valid need and receives fair compensation for his efforts. He also knows great fulfillment. Much satisfaction comes from a job well done.

I saw a news broadcast in which a woman commented that people can work from their homes, home school, and order on-line. This was her survival strategy for those who would not meet her criteria for appearing in public. How ridiculous. Most jobs cannot be done from home. Most parents are not available to home school their children. On-line orders cannot be filled if everyone works from home. Have you needed a plumber lately?

The longer I live the more grateful I am for parents who made sure I developed a strong work ethic. I was never abused, but I was never coddled. I learned to work, not because my parents were poor, but because my parents were wise. They lived by the Word of God. They knew that God’s mandate for living includes the expectation of working. This is part of the lifestyle that pleases God.

I Thessalonians 4:11-12, Earl

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