Skin In The Game

Those in the know have confidently affirmed that the upcoming vote to legalize recreational marijuana will pass. Some have gone on to state that we already have recreational marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. Even though it is called “medical” it is available to anyone who requests a medical marijuana card from individuals who advertise on billboards along the interstate. I may be in the minority, but I will vote against legalizing recreational marijuana.

Let me explain why. I have skin in the game. Actually, I had skin in the game. My younger brother, Rex, died from a drug overdose almost fifteen years ago after battling addiction for a quarter of a century. Smoking pot provided the gateway to the use of much harder drugs that ultimately took his life. During the entire ordeal, my parents found themselves in situations they never imagined they would be. Detox centers, rehab facilities, jails, and hospitals were part of their “golden years.” Rex became a person none of us recognized.

We all believed that he really wanted to be set free from his addiction. For whatever reason, it never happened. Many people drink socially and smoke dope on weekends. I get that. However, since I had skin in the game, I cannot look past those who become addicted and never know freedom again. As a church, we participate in ministries that assist addicts in recovery. How about if, as Christians, we cut off some of the problem at its source?

As a pastor, I am familiar with countless families that deal with problems caused by addiction. Jobs are lost, marriages are sacrificed, families are fractured, resources are drained, and sleep is lost. My parents told me that for years the only nights they were able to sleep well were those nights when Rex was locked in jail or kept in rehab. They knew “the call” would not come that night.

My vote may not make a difference. I have accepted the fact that I am now in the minority in most situations in America. Still, I will stand for what I believe to be God’s will, because one day I will stand before God’s throne and give an account of the life I have lived.

So will you, Earl

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1 thought on “Skin In The Game”

  1. I agree with you completely. Why do we need more drunk drivers on the roads? For those who say,” it doesn’t affect your mood” my response. “then what is your purpose?” Anything you consume effects your body. Thanks! Earl for taking a stand. When I taught, we had a medical doctor talk to the high school students about the danger of alcohol. For some, probably went in one ear and out the other. But at least it was presented. I tried to leave a comment on your page.



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