I Found It!

I couldn’t find my quail hunting belt. Last year, after Christmas, Kendall showed up wearing a belt his grandchildren had tooled for him and a belt buckle his son had given him. The belt buckle was a replica of a buckle from decades gone by. When I saw the replica of two quail in flight I recognized it as a buckle I had received decades earlier. I found the buckle and attached it to an old cowboy belt. I wore it on every hunt for the rest of the season.

Before the first hunt of this season, I gathered supplies on the night before we went. I filled up two one-gallon milk jugs with water to share with the dogs. I stocked my vest with 16 gauge shells. I set out my hunting pants and my ammo box. I even put the gauze and duct tape I use to boot the dogs on the dryer. I did not set out my belt.

As I dressed on the following morning, I looked in my closet for the belt in question. I saw it nowhere! I looked where it used to be on the top shelf. I looked where it should have been on the hook facing me. I could not find it anywhere! I opted for a standard, simple belt that held my pants up. Still, it bugged me that my belt and buckle were nowhere to be found. Changing belts had no effect on the hunt. We walked plenty and my pants didn’t fall down.

Later that week, while I was retrieving a shirt from my closet, I saw the quail hunting belt hanging in plain sight on the side of a shelf. I had moved it there for safe keeping during the off-season. Too bad I forgot where I moved it! I found it where I left it.

The same is true in our relationship with God. Whenever He seems distant or absent, He is never the one who moved. If you were ever closer to God than you are today, He remains where He has always been. You are the one who needs to find closeness with God where you knew it before. Maybe that was when you were reading the Bible daily and attending church consistently. Return to the tried and true actions that brought you close to God. He is still where you left Him.

He remains faithful! Earl

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